Sea Kayaks and Traditional Nautilus Paddles … A dream…A passion.

Curiosity is what led me to investigate about different kayak building systems and to try out with a great number of wood types and other materials that can be applied to wood , until getting the making canoes, High-quality Greenlandic style sea kayaks and paddles, excellent resistance and performance at the height of the most demanding paddlers.

A great sea kayak not only requires quality construction with quality materials, but must also be based on a well-studied and well-proven design. Para esto último cuento con la ayuda de dos fantásticos diseñadores: Nick Schade y Bjorn Thomasson. Hay más, por supuesto,  pero para mí éstos, con sus diferentes estilos, ofrecen un comportamiento en el agua y unas líneas realmente atractivas. Both also offer suchvariety of models to choose from, it would be hard not to find a kayak that fits the needs or expectations of any paddler particularly.

Guillemot Kayaks                  Björn Thomasson Designs